Award-Winning accommodation along Stewart/Cassiar Highway; open all-year round!

Welcome to the Arctic Divide Lodge!


The Arctic Divide Lodge grounds are in the heart of Dease Lake being easily accessible off of the Stewart-Cassiar Highway (Hwy 37N). The Stewart/Cassiar Highway is accessible by vehicle all year round and is one of the most beautiful routes to take travelers to Alaska and the Yukon.

Our easy-access pull out and large parking area invites all types of vehicles including u-haul trailers, horse trailers, travel trailers, car/truck and motor bikes! We also have plug-ins available for spring and winter season travelers who enjoy having a vehicle that will start in the morning!

The Arctic Divide Lodge is central, with food, gas, and entertainment amenities all within walking distance. Our property also backs onto thousands of acres of bush and walking area inviting guests to step away from the busy world and enjoy the elements of nature.

Our hotel has been used as a great staging area for any local activities! Our guests meet here centrally  and carry on to participate in fly-in hunting, fishing, guided tours, etc. We offer some storage area for vehicles/trailers as well as supplies.

The Arctic Divide Lodge is known for being extremely quiet and our guests enjoy a restful and peaceful sleep.


Arctic Divide’s History

The Arctic Divide Lodge was built in 1995 by a long-term Dease Lake resident. It initially opened its doors as “The Arctic Divide Inn” and only consisted of the main lodge building. The lodge was locally owned and operated for 20 years and through those years a motel portion was also added.

The name “The Arctic Divide Lodge” was derived from the location of the hotel lot as it sits directly on the continental divide of the north and south water ways that empty into the Stikine River.

In September of 2015, ownership of the lodge changed hands when Derek and Sofia Ingram embarked on a Northern Adventure! The lodge structure itself was exceptionally built by hand by local residence and the integrity and quality of the building can still be seen today. Derek and Sofia are embracing the amazing craftsmanship of the structure, enhancing the original look; offering new energy, new décor with new renovations, and a new experience for returning guests.

The lodge is local family-owned and operated.  Derek and Sofia will welcome you with a smiling face and provide comfortable lodging that makes you feel like you never left the comforts of your own home.

The Owners

Derek Ingram was born and raised on Vancouver Island where he began a career as a Carpenter. Through the years, Derek completed his education in Geography and Natural Resource Management. For the past 6 years he worked on cultural resource management, including organizing the restoration of a part of the historic Telegraph Creek Trail. Derek brings with him a love of the North and our vast forests, and is also incorporating his trail building expertise to build mountain bike trails and walking trails in and around Dease Lake.

Sofia previously lived in Dease Lake where she was stationed as an RCMP Officer.  Through her career she had been posted to isolated northern communities, where she found her love and adventure for the north.  She transferred to Prince George in 2014 but always had the Arctic Divide Lodge in her mind, as it was for sale for several years prior while she worked in Dease Lake. After meeting Derek, a glass of wine sparked a very interesting conversation, and suddenly, the thought of buying the lodge started to become a reality.

Both Derek and Sofia are avid outdoors folk and also brought up their lovely horses to explore the wonderful north. With the never-ending wilderness for mountain biking, canoeing, and hiking, how could they have said no?

With renovations underway, nothing could top it off better than by adding a baby to the mix! Little baby Iona was born April 2016 and baby Gary in 2018- and although they can not contribute to renovations, they are a welcoming mascot team for the hotel!